Luxe Social Pack B

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serves 3-4 guests | 5-6 guests | 8-10 guests

This social pack menu comprises of:

Mushroom Parmesan Ragout Crepe Pinwheel (15pcs)

Luxe Gourmet Salad
Baby cous cous salad, broccoli, roasted cajun spiced prawns with citrus yuzu dressing

Braised Chicken Chasseur (800g)
Roasted chicken, turkey bacon, wild mushroom, pearl onions in chicken bouillon

Seared Seabass Fillet with White Wine Sauce

Caribbean Madras Rice (V)
Black raisin, onion, pineapple, mixed herbs

Maple Infused Caramelised Apple Tart

Suggestion: Set menus suitable for meetings or casual social gatherings.